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    Check out www.footlights.ita.org.au for other auditions around Perth.

    4 Responses to “Auditions”

    1. wu says:

      hi is there any audition at the moment i would love to audition any role is fine

    2. lorna says:


      We are currently not auditioning any shows, however we recommend you check out http://www.theatre.asn.au for forthcoming auditions.


      Blak Yak Theatre

    3. Ben says:

      I don’t suppose you will remove the above comment (from 2011) to the no longer operating domain name and instead replace it with


      which is up to date and also has links to information about many, many shows in Perth.

      Would be handy. Currently you are sending about 9 people a month to a link that has been superseded :)

      also, this page is almost unreadable in Safari, the formatting is all over the place. paragraphs are overlapping 80%.

    4. lorna says:

      Hi Ben

      Thanks for this, we have updated it. Sorry it took so long, you were marked as spam!


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