Terza Rima

One Big Family. “Ratings are down and the heads must roll at the Frontline office, but nothing gets in the way of the new Network promo…” Adapted from the hit TV comedy written by Rob Sitch, Tom Gleisner, Jane Kennedy & Santo Cilauro, directed by Amy Leeder and starring acast of thousands.

Can You Hear You The Music? “Everyone has their dreams; whether it be applause from anaudience, long iced drinks, safety from the world, or a life amongst the titled rich. This is no exception for the six mice living in the loft…” Written by David Campton, directed by Geraldine LeCouteur, and starring Geoff Leeder, Lyn Colson, Ray Condy, Sam Bailey, Michael Lee and Rebecca Trigwell.

The Interview. “A man sits alone in a bar, relaxing after work, when he is approached by a mysterious businessman who informs him that he has come to “interview” him for a position at an unnamed company. What follows is a shrewd cat-and-mouse game that leaves the first man fighting for his very life.” Written by G. Riley Mills, directed by Michael McAllan and starring Neil McDonald alongside Nick Donald.

Performed at Don Russel Performing Arts Centre


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