Blak Yak Directors Workshop

Blak Yak are proud to present a free Directors Workshop for new, budding and existing talent within the theatre community. This workshop is intended to help refresh existing directors in production management and give fresh faces some basics in putting together a show. It is a way of getting an introduction to broader aspects of stage and offer a deeper understanding of how things work behind the curtains.

We’d like this workshop to be open to the Perth theatre community as a whole and particularly targeting at the one act seasons in September. If you, or someone you know, are interested in taking part or require more information, please let us know. The proposed date is the 8th of August and the venue is currently being finalized. We will post an update in the following days.

The workshop would begin with a walk-through of a production, from auditions to the closing party, and outline technical terms & the process of getting a show ready to go up. This will be supported with a series of hand-outs consisting of “Do’s & Don’ts”, things not to forget, checklists and generic procedures for staging a show. Lastly there will be questions & answers for anything may be unclear.

The workshop will be provided FREE, as we want to make this as inclusive and accessible as possible.

Directors Workshop
Date: Thursday the 8th of August
Time: 7pm
Duration: 3 hours
Venue: To be confirmed

Please reply to the following email address with expressed interest:

Blak Yak Theatre Inc.