Diary of a Play

This year, Blak Yak is trying some new things, and part of that involves an old friend.

Enter Martin Lindsay, Blak Yakker of yore, writer. He rocked up to a Yak meeting (yes, we hold open meetings, people can just come along), and pitched a pretty darned awesome show. We kicked the concept about a bit, and decided we liked it. Fast forward a few weeks; we have a provisional date in October and a couple of venue options.  The catch? The script isn’t written yet.

We love supporting new writing, so this isn’t necessarily a problem. We set some deadlines, offered Martin dramaturge assistance and support in play readings during the development process.

The first deadline is May. If writing to that deadline isn’t enough, Martin has also decided to blog about his process of developing a play with us.

We’ll post links to the blog posts as they go up, hopefully it’ll help other writers out there understand a bit more about the script development process.

Diary of Play

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