Carpe Diem

Most people will remember the popular 1989 movie, Dead Poets Society, starring Robin Williams as a teacher in an exclusive boys’ school, who inspires his students to think outside their normal boundaries. Screenwriter Tom Schulman won a well-deserved Academy Award for his original script, and the film was also nominated for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor (Robin Williams).

When Blak Yak Theatre approached Mr Schulman with a request to mount a stage adaptation, he was flattered, gracious and happy to assist. His only request being that we donate all royalties to a September 11 disaster relief charity of his choice.

Unfortunately, Disney, who released the movie, have forbidden us to use the title. So….

The company who brought you Amadeus and The Last Supper, and the screenwriter who brought you the award winning film Dead Poets Society, bring you all the humour, poetry, beauty and heartbreak of the stage version; CARPE DIEM.

In an exclusive private boys’ school in 1950s America, six best friends live their lives by the schools’ motto: tradition, honour, discipline. Until one unique teacher (played in the film by Robin Williams) encourages them to look inside themselves for something more. Under his guidance, and through the words of a hundred dead poets, they form a new creed: truth, beauty, love.

But the world they live in is a confined one. As their newfound freedom grows, a shadow looms which will make them question everything they have been taught and everything they hold dear; their friendships, their futures, and even their lives…….

Starring Nick Christo, John Carlstein, Jemma Craig, Nick Donald, Troy Hall, Anthony Harwood, Adam McGurk, Mel Merchant, Scott Northover and Dean Schulze, and with the kind cooperation of Playlovers Inc, Blak Yak Theatre present eight performances of CARPE DIEM. We hope you can be our guests.


Tom Schulman

Rayann Condy

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