Red Dwarf

On board the spaceship Red Dwarf, crewman Dave Lister is sentenced to suspended animation for jeopardising strict quarantine regulations by smuggling his pet cat on board. Three million years later, Dave is awakened to find that a radiation leak has killed the entire crew and that Red Dwarf never returned to Earth. Accompanied only by a vindictive sentient hologram, a humanoid cat descended and evolved from his original pet, and the ship’s sarcastic computer, Dave starts the long journey home….

An hilarious sci-fi comedy adapted from the cult TV series and directed by Tim Edwards (director of Picasso at the Lapin Agile), Red Dwarf stars Nick Donald as Dave Lister, Alex Jones as Arnold J. Rimmer, Chris Thomas as Cat, and Jarrod Buttery as Holly, with guest appearance by Rayann Condy as Kristine Kochanski. Also featuring Scott Northover, Sean Haining, Jemma Gurney and Julia Dalby.



Doug Naylor & Rob Grant

Tim Edwards


by special arrangement with Grant Naylor Productions:

Red Dwarf

From the original scripts by Rob Grant & Doug Naylor

Adapted by Nick Donald & Tim Edwards

Directed by Tim Edwards, performed at KADS

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