The 24 hour stage project is exactly that; 24 hours to write, stage and perform a short play lasting between 10 and 30 minutes. We are aiming for between 4 and 6 short plays to be developed and staged in the one 24 period, which will then be adjudicated for cash prizes.

We are calling for interested writers, directors and actors to submit the application form available here before 5pm on the 25th March 2016:


The 24 Hour Stage Project will be conducted downstairs at Rigby’s Bar and Grill, on the 9th April 2016.

The Project will start with a mixer from 7 PM on Friday the 8 April, where there will be food and wine available to buy, with the official Project Kicking off at 8PM. Rehearsal space will be provided at the same venue, which will be accessible for the second day.

The plays will be staged at 8PM on Saturday the 09 April, with adjudications provided on the evening. Tickets will be available for $10 on the door, so that your friends and family will be able to see the output of all your hard work. Seating will be cabaret style, with food and drinks available on the night

The performances will be adjudicated by well known Perth Theatre Reviewer Richard Hyde, and the following awards will be awarded:

Award Awarded by Prize
Critic’s Choice Adjudicator $200
People’s Choice Audience $100
Best Script Adjudicator $50
Best Actor Adjudicator $50
Best Actress Adjudicator $50
Various honorable mentions as deemed appropriate Adjudicator N/A


Everyone! We don’t discriminate. The section “Ways to get involved” goes into more detail about what you can do to participate, but in short, we want actors, writers, directors and stage ninjas to come along and help out.

This is a collaborative, experimental and creative endeavor. It is open to people with a cross section of backgrounds and experience, and we really want to provide a space and opportunity for people to experiment and learn. If you have never done something like this before, come along and see what it’s all about. We aim to make this an enjoyable and fulfilling event, and hopefully it’ll be the first of many.

Check out the link here for the full information pack.