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Human Traffic

This production is the World Premiere of the stage version of the independent cult film hit of 1999. Human Traffic follows the lives of five main characters – friends trapped in dead-end jobs in today’s Britain.

As depressing as they find their workdays, they are upbeat about their friendship and their shared ritual of weekend partying. Their lives revolve around the expectation toward, and enjoyment of, the Friday night rave. It’s an hilarious comedy, and commentary, about today’s hypocritical standards and social situations, underpinned throughout by modern music.

Human Traffic will be staged at the brand new venue: The Powerbox, in the Bakery Artrage Complex, 233 James St, Northbridge, on November 21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29, Dec 3, 4, 5.


Justin Kerrigan

Alex Jones

One Act Season 2003

Blak Yak Theatre and the Kalamunda Dramatic Society have combined their resources and talent for a season of one-act plays.

Performance dates are Friday and Saturday, August 29 & 30, and September 5 & 6, at 8pm at KADS Theatre (Town Square, Kalamunda, just off Barber St).

As with all productions at KADS, tickets are strictly limited, and can be booked by phoning Nightingales Pharmacy (Kalamunda) on 9293 2621. All tickets are $18 (which includes Kalamunda’s famous fish & chip dinner) giving you:


A comedy by Ed Monk, directed by Tim Edwards

After a romantic dinner, Brad and Carol start to argue about where their illicit affair is going. Then things start to get weird….

Starring Troy Hall and Kim Wallace (plus a surprise special guest or two).


A half hour period, during which the audience will be served with Kalamunda’s very finest fish & chips (cost included in the price of your ticket).

“Two Women and a Chair”

Drama by Michael Olsen, directed by Michael McAllan.

Jessie and Martine arrive at an audition to discover only an empty room with a mysterious chair. It soon becomes clear that this is no ordinary audition – or is it an audition at all?

Starring Julia Dalby & Jenny McCann

“Men Behaving Badly”

A comedy by Simon Nye, adapted from the TV show and directed by Jarrod Buttery.

(Two men and a television?) Tony and Gary have to make a choice between going out with their girlfriends, or, sitting at home, drinking beer, and watching Star Trek. Not much of a choice at all….

Starring Alex Jones, Nick Donald, Jemma Gurney & Nisha Rivett





Psycho Beach Party

Summer, 1962. Malibu Beach. Sun, surf, sand, and ‘Chicklet’ Forrest wants nothing more than to learn to ‘shoot the curl’. Ride the waves. And who better to study under than the Great Kanaka? The macho king of the surfers, who rode the killer wave off the coast of Bali… handcuffed.

But something isn’t right…

People are turning up shaved from head to toe by a mysterious assailant. The star of “Sex-Kittens Go To Outer Space” has disappeared from the set of her latest film. Surfers are coming out of the closet. And who, exactly, is Ann Bowman, the dominatrix who has risen to claim her birthright: World Domination?

The big luau is only days away. Will our heroes thwart her evil scheme in time? Will Chicklet learn to surf? Will they still have time to prepare the finger foods? Will any of these questions be answered?

Blak Yak is proud to present this bizarre hybrid of the best the Sixties had to offer: beach movies, bikinis, psychological melodramas, bikinis, surf guitar, bikinis, laughter, and… surfing. Not to mention the bikinis!


Charles Busch

Nick Donald

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

The company who brought you Amadeus, Red Dwarf, The Last Supper, and the humour, poetry, beauty and heartbreak of Dead Poets Society, proudly present their latest production, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST is an intense and emotional play based on the classic American novel written by Ken Kesey. The story is set in a Mental Hospital and explores the complex issues of institutionalised mental health treatment and the delicate nature of the human psyche. Through the alternately humorous and heart-wrenching tale of one rebellious patient’s life-or-death power struggle with the ward’s domineering head nurse, the powerful and dramatic script faithfully brings to life the colourful characters from the popular novel.

Based on Ken Kesey’s novel, Dale Wasserman’s script inspired the popular 1975 movie, starring Jack Nicholson, of which many people are familiar. Despite winning five Academy Awards (including Best Picture), the film is often considered to fall second to the humour, emotion and power of the original stageplay. You’ll just have to come and judge for yourself….

Starring Jason Bouwhuis, Angela Clegg, Kurtis Crisafulli, Olivia Darby, Nick Donald, Sean Haining, Troy Hall, Emma Herriman, Cary Hudson, Kenney Jordan, David McGarr, Peter Niblett, Sally Sainsbury, Eddie Stowers, Andrew Watson, & Stephen Whiley. Performed at Subiaco Art Centre


Dale Wasserman

Jemma Gurney