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Picasso’s Women

Blak Yak Theatre is thrilled to announce their production of Brian McAvera’s Picasso’s Women for a strictly limited season at the Chrissie Parrott Arts centre in August.

Picasso’s Women is a series of monologues told by the eight women who lived with, loved, and inspired Pablo Picasso. It is the story of their lives and experiences with the man who was to become the most influential artist of the twentieth century. The production uncovers their buried histories and gives voice to the women who were used, and frequently abused, by Picasso.

So often in theatre (and cinema, and literature) the complaint is heard that there are not enough strong roles for women. Picasso’s Women is a rare beast indeed to showcase eight powerful, fascinating, and engaging female characters. For art lovers, history buffs, or theatre aficionados, Picasso’s Women is meticulously researched and masterfully written. Powerful, confronting, hilarious, and heartbreaking, the show is a tour de force for the actresses.

The monologues can stand alone but, viewed as a whole, they deliver a satisfying synergism. Each piece has been individually rehearsed, with a director and performer collaborating to bring to life each of Picasso’s women.

The eight monologues–on average–are each 30 minutes long, and so are spread over two nights. Each night can be enjoyed on its own or Blak Yak is offering a discount price for both evenings.

Picasso’s Women–Harlequin explores the artist’s early life and features Fernande, Eva, Gaby, and Olga, on August 21, 22, 27, 30.

Picasso’s Women–Minotaur examines Picasso’s later years and features Marie-Therese, Dora, Françoise, and Jacqueline, on August 20, 23, 28, 29.


Picasso’s Women will be presented at Chrissie Parrott Arts, 4 Sussex St, Maylands. All performances commence at 7.30pm sharp. Tickets are $25 Adult, $22 Concession, or $40 for both nights (tickets can be upgraded at any time) at Click to book!


Jacqueline – Sherryl Spencer, directed by Melissa Merchant 
Fernande – Nisha Rivett, directed by Rob Whitehead
Francoise – Anna Head, directed by Jarrod Buttery 
Olga – Chandra Wyatt, directed by Joy Northover 
Dora – Nadia Collins & Sharnya Thomson, directed by Christine Ellis 
Eva – Jacinta Tavelli-Williams, directed by Michael McAllan 
Marie-Therese – Breeahn Jones, directed by Kimberley Shaw 
Gaby – Rose McKenna, directed by Louise C. Carson