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The Campervan Tales

by James Forte

Cut-off by floodwaters, marooned in a small country town, eight actors tell their tales to pass the time (and earn a meal).

Optional dinner – three short plays – dessert – three more plays.

Performing at Rigby’s Bar (downstairs), 221 St George’s Terrace, Perth. September 26, 27, 28. Doors open at 6pm, Show at 7pm.

Tickets $50 – includes two course meal, or $25 show only ($20 concession).

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Atomic the Rock Musical

Blak Yak theatre is proud to present Atomic the new rock musical March 2019. ATOMIC is the thrilling new Off-Broadway musical that blasts open the doors of The Manhattan Project.

Leo Szilard is the brilliant physicist who unlocks the secret of atomic power. But war turns his hopes for mankind into a billion-dollar race against a German bomb. Ethics, loyalty and true love are tested as Leo and his fellow scientists struggle to save both the world and their own humanity. Set during the Manhattan Project, the atom bomb’s creation during WWII brought together America’s brightest minds and brilliant refugee scientists fleeing the Nazis to develop a weapon capable of stopping the Germans. However Germany surrendered without ever using the weapons and the war effort turned to Japan, and the project was too big to stop, but one man tried. Atomic is the true, untold story of the creation of the Atomic bomb, set to an incredible rock music score.

“This new musical does what the best of the genre does so well — revitalize ways of looking at the world.” Theatre Red (Sydney, 2013)

“Both interesting and moving… Philip Foxman’s music is beautiful.” The New Yorker (New York, 2014)

“Intelligent, thought provoking with a hot rock score that sizzles.” Times Square Chronicle (New York, 2014)

“Compulsively watchable… blows the roof off the theatre.” Theatremania (New York, 2014)

“The music and songs are exhilarating.” The Monitor (Michigan, 2016)

“It’s a history lesson, it’s a rock musical with a dramatic soundtrack, it’s a thought provoking and great entertainment.” It’s All Theatre (Michigan, 2016)

“Atomic is thrilling.” Riverfront Times (St. Louis, 2016)

Author: Philip Foxman and Danny Ginges
Venue: Hamilton Hill Memorial Hall
Show Dates: March 14, 15, 16, 21, 22 and 23 at 8pm, March 17 at 1pm
Director: Lorna Mackie
MD: Joshua Haines