Sherlock Holmes & The First English Gentleman

We follow Sherlock Holmes as he gathers clues from the characters we meet in this adventure mystery. The play begins with the seemingly trivial case of a missing three legged chair. We follow Sherlock Holmes as he gathers clues from the characters we meet in this adventure mystery – a rag and bone merchant (Mrs. Mansfield) who is murdered in a run down Whitechapel shop, an obscure geologist (Professor Skullion) who is killed in a rock slide, the discoverer of the prehistoric Plateau Man (Sir Charles Adamson), his scheming sister (Lady Adamson), and last but not least, a reformed thief (Alfie Trotwood) who ties together the very different worlds of Whitechapel, the British Museum, 221B Baker Street, and the streets of London.

Along the way Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are variously attacked by a venomous snake, a tarantula, a booby trapped spring loaded box, and street ruffians. False alarms and red herrings abound. Will Sherlock Holmes be seduced by the alluring Lady Adamson?

Are the powers of Sherlock Holmes on the wane, his addiction to cocaine taking its toil? Who is planning to steal the famous Star of Delhi housed in the British Museum?

Why is Sherlock imprisoned? Is it of any significance that Alfie Trotwood and Lady Adamson share the same birth date? What is Lady Adamson’s connection to Professor Moriarty, and finally, is Professor Moriarty behind it all? From these clues, I ask you to be the judge whether the game is up, or “the game is afoot!”

Playwright:  Doug Warwick

Director: Tim Edwards

Details: A Blak Yak production in conjunction with KADS.

Tickets on sale April 6

Season Tickets and pre-release group bookings of 10+: Lyn 9291 6266

Start time: 8pm
Bookings Name: O’Hara’s Pharmacy
Bookings Phone Number: 9293 1412
Further Info Email Address:
Further Info Name: Melanie DeCull – TAZ Entertainment
Further Info Phone Number: 9255 3336
Ticket Prices: tba
Address: KADS, Town Square Theatre, Barber St, Kalamunda
Production Dates: May 6, 7, 11, 13, 14, 18, 20, 21, 25, 27, 28

Start Date: 2011-05-06
End Date: 2011-05-28