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Sherlock Holmes & The First English Gentleman

We follow Sherlock Holmes as he gathers clues from the characters we meet in this adventure mystery. The play begins with the seemingly trivial case of a missing three legged chair. We follow Sherlock Holmes as he gathers clues from the characters we meet in this adventure mystery – a rag and bone merchant (Mrs. Mansfield) who is murdered in a run down Whitechapel shop, an obscure geologist (Professor Skullion) who is killed in a rock slide, the discoverer of the prehistoric Plateau Man (Sir Charles Adamson), his scheming sister (Lady Adamson), and last but not least, a reformed thief (Alfie Trotwood) who ties together the very different worlds of Whitechapel, the British Museum, 221B Baker Street, and the streets of London.

Along the way Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are variously attacked by a venomous snake, a tarantula, a booby trapped spring loaded box, and street ruffians. False alarms and red herrings abound. Will Sherlock Holmes be seduced by the alluring Lady Adamson?

Are the powers of Sherlock Holmes on the wane, his addiction to cocaine taking its toil? Who is planning to steal the famous Star of Delhi housed in the British Museum?

Why is Sherlock imprisoned? Is it of any significance that Alfie Trotwood and Lady Adamson share the same birth date? What is Lady Adamson’s connection to Professor Moriarty, and finally, is Professor Moriarty behind it all? From these clues, I ask you to be the judge whether the game is up, or “the game is afoot!”

Playwright:  Doug Warwick

Director: Tim Edwards

Details: A Blak Yak production in conjunction with KADS.

Tickets on sale April 6

Season Tickets and pre-release group bookings of 10+: Lyn 9291 6266

Start time: 8pm
Bookings Name: O’Hara’s Pharmacy
Bookings Phone Number: 9293 1412
Further Info Email Address:
Further Info Name: Melanie DeCull – TAZ Entertainment
Further Info Phone Number: 9255 3336
Ticket Prices: tba
Address: KADS, Town Square Theatre, Barber St, Kalamunda
Production Dates: May 6, 7, 11, 13, 14, 18, 20, 21, 25, 27, 28

Start Date: 2011-05-06
End Date: 2011-05-28

A Lie Of the Mind

‘A Lie of the Mind’ is a dark drama by Pulitzer-prize winning American playwright Sam Shepard. Told in three acts set in the gritty American west, the story alternates between two families after a severe incident of spousal abuse leaves all their lives altered until the final collision at an isolated cabin. The two families, one composed of Baylor, Meg, Beth, and Mike, the other composed of Lorraine, Sally, Frankie, and Jake are connected by the marriage of Jake and Beth, whose beating and subsequent hospitalization at the hands of Jake initiates the beginning of the play. Exploring family dysfunction and the nature of love, the play follows Jake as he searches for meaning after Beth, and her family, as they struggle with Beth’s brain damage.

The season will run at the Midland Junction Arts Centre on June 22, 23, 24, 25, 29, 30 and July 1st and 2nd. There is a chance of an extended season at an alternate venue for the follow week.
Start Date: 2011-06-22
End Date: 2011-07-02

Funny Business the Musical

This fast-paced, comedic romp through office culture features a catchy, original pop-musical score, and five unforgettable characters that you’re bound to recognise from around the water cooler. An exciting and fun new musical, Funny Business is the perfect production for cubicle dwellers and blue collars alike.

Book: Rachel Brittain and Daniel Falk, Music and lyrics: Daniel Abrahamson

Director: Lorna Mackie
Musical Director: Matt Austin
This quirky and cute modern musical is brought to you from Chime Communications Canada, where five ordinary office workers must mount a team-building talent show to save their jobs. Meet Stuart, the lovable yet inappropriate office manager; Marcus, the smooth talking sales rep; Diane, the tough as nails marketing manager; Brie, the perky and scheming receptionist; and Jack, the awkward guitar-playing intern. Together, they must use their hidden talents to sing, dance and manipulate their way through the talent show, which ultimately degenerates into an every-man-for-himself battle of office skills, where only one will walk away without a pink slip. Featuring a sales versus marketing salsa, a foul-mouthed printer puppet, and more office backstabbing than HR can handle, the team must learn to keep it together without tearing each other apart.

“A Runaway hit” – Classical 96FM (Toronto)

“Fresh, tuneful, and full of talent…a guaranteed good time!” – Toronto Star
“Brilliant musical comedy!” – NOW Magazine
“Four stars! A breakout success!” – EYE Weekly


The production will be staged in the studio space at the Subiaco Arts Centre. Dates are July 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 16.
Ticket Prices are $26.00 standard and $18.50 concession. Bookings through BOCS Ticketing, (08) 9484 1133

Start Date: 2011-07-06
End Date: 2011-07-16

2011 One Act Season


The Shoemaker’s Daughter

Written and starring Jess Messenger, Directed by Esther Longhurst.

A wacky fairy tale with a mind of it’s own. When two actors set out to tell a fairly straightforward story, havoc ensues as the characters rebel and everything becomes a little too real.

‘Follicle Farm’

Written and directed by Stephan De Jonghe

From the writer who brought you ‘A Lovely Lobster Tale’ and ‘Free Coffee for the Driver’ comes an imaginative and hilarious journey into the secret world of hair growth.

Miss Perth 23

Devised by Phil Barnett, Katie Cameron and Daniel Kershaw, Directed by Daniel Kershaw

What if you could taste words? When a young woman, suffering from a condition known as synaesthesia, meets an older man over a dating website, she quickly becomes obsessed with him–because his words taste delicious.

With special guests: *Fine Edge Theatre Company


‘Sticks and Stones’

(Not appearing Friday night)

Co-written by Jess Messenger and Esther Longhurst, and directed by Jess Messenger. ‘Sticks and Stones’ explores gossip and sexual bullying in the context of internet and social networking sites.

*Fine Edge Theatre Company is a professional TIE project, that has been touring to Western Australian high schools since 1998, operating out of Scripture Union Western Australia. Fine Edge explores the relationship between life and faith utilizing story telling to explore the Values Curriculum Framework.

Start Date: Wednesday 31st August

End Date: Saturday 4th September